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HMMWV vs. H1

* U.S. Military requirement for HMMWV
T6 Aluminum body w/2800 rivets Yes Yes
16-inch ground clearance Yes Yes
24-volt electrical system Yes No
Drive line component venting Yes Yes
Dorrltech coated nuts and bolts Yes Yes
Driver compartment water proof No Yes
4-speed automatic transmission Yes Yes
4-wheel disc brakes-hydro boost Yes Yes
Ballistic protection* Yes No
Winch Yes Yes
CARC paint (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) in camouflage Yes No

Capable of:

* U.S. Military requirement for HMMWV
30-inch water fording Yes Yes
60-inch deep water fording* Yes No
Climbing 22-inch step* Yes Yes
40% side slope and 60% grade* Yes Yes
Box steel frame w/5 x-members Yes Yes
Composite hood Yes Yes
ABS brakes No Yes
Automatic traction system (TT4) No Yes
E-locker No Yes
37-inch tires (Good Year) Yes Yes
Steel doors with slide-impact rails and safety latches No Yes

Creature comforts:

* U.S. Military requirement for HMMWV
Dome light No Yes
Power steering Yes Yes
Turret w/machine gun mount Optional No
Heated windshield (electric) No Yes
Power windows No Yes
Lighted visor No Yes
Monsoon audio system No Yes
Power locks No Yes
M16 rifle mount Optional No
Door chimes No Yes
Keys No Yes
Arm rests No Yes
Self-canceling turn signals No Yes
CD player No Yes
Padded dash No Yes
Glove box No Yes
Cup holders No Yes
Power outside mirrors No Yes
Air conditioning No Yes
Locking steering wheel Yes* Yes
Sound and heat insulation Yes Yes
4-wheel independent suspension Yes
CTIS Optional Yes
Black out lighting mode* Yes No
Clearance marker lights No Yes
Turbo diesel Optional Yes
Runflats Yes Yes
Aluminum wheels No Yes