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HUMMER Driving Academy

The HUMMER® Driving Academy is designed for all registered H1, H2 and H3 HUMMER owners who want to prepare for a positive off-road experience with their vehicle. The four-day (H1), three-day (H2) and two-day (H3) programs take place on 320 private acres of northern Indiana terrain with obstacles specifically designed to challenge a HUMMER. Participants can look forward to developing their skills in current model H1, H2 and H3 HUMMERs. All participants receive special attention by the trainers, as the student/instructor ratio is 2-to-1.

"This program can prepare any HUMMER owner for a positive off-road experience with their vehicle," says Bill Thompson, AM General director of fleet sales and commercial services and creator of the HUMMER Driving Academy. "The classes and hands-on driving techniques provided by the Academy staff benefit both novices and experienced owners alike," says Thompson.

Your skills will be developed on a series of "controlled obstacles" that showcase specific off-road systems of the vehicle. Once you have mastered the "controlled" setting, your skills will be further developed on a hierarchy of Level 1, 2 and 3 backwoods trails as well as classroom instruction on trip preparation, recovery techniques and proper usage of the Global Positioning System. The 320 acres of trails will offer a myriad of twisted, rooted, moguled, stump-strewn mud runs, steep inclines, side slopes, rock crawls, sand pits, ravines, streams, ponds and more. At the completion of this intense training, you'll drive away with knowledge, skill and confidence to use 100 percent of your HUMMER's potential.