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Models & Equipment

Since its initial introduction in 1985, the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) has undergone many changes and improvements to meet military requirements. Because the HMMWV can be modified in so many ways from one basic platform, there are many different models and configurations.

The military generally refers to HMMWVs as M998A0, M998A1 or M998A2 series. Different models actually have different designations but share the same frame, suspension, and drive train geometry and the same hood and lower body.

In 1994, an A1 series was introduced, followed in 1995 by the introduction of the A2 series, containing many internal changes. In some cases model numbers also changed.

Most vehicles from the initial introduction through the current production models are still in service, so occasionally there is some confusion regarding the model numbers.

The 1994 A1 technical data package (TDP) was based in part on previous development work toward an M1097 "Heavy HMMWV Variant" (HHV). HHV durability improvements that were proliferated across the vehicle variants ranged from a new front axle assembly and front halfshafts to a new rear axle assembly with variable rate rear springs. In addition to these and other new HHV chassis components, A1 advances incorporated across the new production fleet included: new front seats, improved parking brake lever with safety release, metal hood grille, improved slave receptacle, solid state glow plug controller, modified rifle mounts and upgraded rear half shafts.

The M966 2-litter armored mini-ambulance was eliminated that year.

Assigning a different model number with the addition of a winch was dropped for the TOW missile carrier. Thus the M1036 model number was dropped and the M966A1 was the only TOW missile carrier with basic armor. The GVW was increased by 180 lbs. except for the M1097A1, which was still at 10,000 lbs.