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Expanded-Capacity Vehicles

Expanded-capacity HMMWVs (ECV) are designed to carry heavier payloads without sacrificing the vehicle's mobility, dependability and performance.

The M1113 ECV is used for special operations vehicles and communications shelter carriers.

The M1114, with improved ballistic protection levels, is used for scout, military police and explosive ordinance disposal missions. The M1114 provides protection against small arms artillery airbursts and anti-tank mine blasts.

The U.S. Air Force uses a modified version of this vehicle, the M1116, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Air force. The M1116 features an expanded cargo area, armored housing for the turret gunner and improved interior heating and air conditioning system. The M1114 and M1116 receive armor at Armor Holdings in Fairfield, Ohio.

In 2005, AM General began production of the M1151, M1152 and M1165 variants. The vehicles incorporated the highest levels of armor protection including frag kits, all field installable/removable.

M1151s are armament carriers and M1152s are two-man vehicles that can be used as troop carriers/shelter carriers, etc. The M1165 is a command and control vehicle with a four person seating capacity.

The armor is available in two kits, an 'A' kit and a 'B' kit, which, when combined, provide gapless mine and ballistic protection. The armor can be removed later to provide flexibility for missions that do not require additional protection. Available frag kits provide additional protection when required. The vehicles are equipped with an air conditioning system to provide greater crew comfort.

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