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Military Assembly Plant

The 550,000 plus square foot main facility in Mishawaka, Ind. is adjacent to AM General's Commercial Assembly Plant. In this plant, the world's best performance four-wheel-drive vehicle is assembled with the utmost attention to detail.

Fully assembled military HMMWVs are produced in an environment utilizing "lean manufacturing" principles and techniques. The manufacturing focus is on people systems and practices, rigid military standards that assure built-in quality, customer responsiveness, cost containment and employee safety as an overriding priority.

The HMMWV production facility includes a second plant of approximately 75,000 square feet utilizing craftsman-style operations for adding armor and other components as required by the customer.

In addition to the manufacturing capacity, the HMMWV plant operations include an on-site vehicle test track and evaluation area. All vehicles produced go through a rigorous test track evaluation to assure that each vehicle produced meets high standards of quality and performance.