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Product Information

You’ll find the OPTIMIZER 6500™ in many applications such as marine, military and commercial. Whatever the requirement, the OPTIMIZER 6500 can be tailored to meet most applications.

General Engine Products (GEP) produces the OPTIMIZER 6500 V-8 diesel engine at its 92,000-sq.-ft. Franklin, Ohio assembly plant. This engine can be found in new HMMWVs, HUMMER® H1s, as a service replacement engine for numerous vehicles and in marine applications.


Marine OPTIMIZER 6500The naturally aspirated version of the OPTIMIZER 6500 is the economical choice for marine applications. This durable engine produces 165 hp at 3500 rpm and is the base engine used in both the turbo and super-charged versions.

The turbo-charged OPTIMIZER 6500 is a right choice for those who desire greater performance. It produces up to 300 hp at 3600 rpm and is a virtual “drop-in” replacement for most gasoline V-8s.

A super-charged OPTIMIZER 6500 is the perfect answer for those who demand the ultimate in power. This top-performing diesel engine provides better fuel economy than most "big block" gasoline V-8s, while producing more than 300 hp at 3500 rpm.


Military OPTIMIZER 6500The military-focused OPTIMIZER 6500 is a reliable and durable engine both for current production HMMWVs in both naturally aspirated and turbo-charged versions and as a replacement for older HMMWVs. Since 2000, the OPTIMIZER 6500 has replaced the General Motors diesel engine used originally in HMMWVs. Today’s engine optimizes the torque to 385 lb.-ft. at 1800 rpm, and to 190 hp at 3400 rpm in a 756-lb. engine, yielding one of the best horsepower to weight ratios on the market.


Commercial turbo-charged OPTIMIZER 6500The OPTIMIZER 6500 turbo-charged diesel is the power plant for the famous HUMMER H1®, the benchmark vehicle for off-road capability. It is also used to power postal vehicles, transit buses, delivery vans, box vans, motor homes, industrial generators, compressors and medium-sized construction equipment.

The OPTIMIZER 6500 is a “drop-in” replacement for many V-8 and V-6 applications that meet current federal, California and CFF emission requirments.