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ILS: Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is generally considered to be the disciplined procurement and management of those "logistics elements" (e.g., Manpower & Personnel, Maintenance, Training, Supply, Transportation, Computer Support, Tools and Test Equipment) that impact the planning, funding and support for a particular system or sub-system throughout its total life cycle.

ILS products that are normally required for this complex series of activities range from Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) to technical publications; from repair parts provision to packaging solutions; from development of intrusive diagnostics to the conduct of Logistics Demonstrations . . . the list is extensive.

In short, AM General's ILS team has established itself as an industry leader in this field because we stand behind the quality of our ILS products. We absolutely insist upon the accuracy, responsiveness and cost efficient manner in which they are produced and provided to our customers. We recognize that good ILS planning and execution is essential for a newly fielded system to meet its intended performance requirements, to be developed at a reasonable price and to be fully supported from start to finish.

The longest floating bridge project in Iraq

Recently AM General was awarded a contract supporting the development and deployment of the Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB). Mobility requirements identified prior to the start of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" required us to accelerate our support for fielding this critical system. The ILS team surged to meet this challenge... nine months ahead of schedule!

The longest floating bridge project in Iraq (6/28/03).

AM General's ILS team is located minutes away from Detroit Metropolitan Airport and in close proximity to all major expressways. It is housed in a modern 160,000-sq.-ft. secure facility and includes a full prototype build and validation/verification area, custom fabrication area, test lab with engine/vehicle dynamometer, electrical development lab, a secured, certified inspection area and a bonded, gated holding area. From prototype build to verification and data collection to the customer's output requirements, AM General's ILS team has the experience, technical expertise and dedication to quality to fulfill every customer's exacting requirements.

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